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Database Insights from Disney, Discord, Expedia & More at ScyllaDB Summit

Discover how your peers at Disney, Discord, Expedia, Supercell, Digital Turbine, ShareChat, Zee, Paramount, and more are tackling their toughest database challenges.

Join us at ScyllaDB Summit, a free 2-day community event that’s intentionally virtual, highly interactive, and purely technical.  You will hear about your peers’ experiences and discover new ways to alleviate your own latency, throughput, and cost pains.

This year’s agenda is exceptional. Teams from Disney, Discord, Expedia, Supercell, Digital Turbine, ShareChat, Zee, Paramount, and more will be sharing their expertise and lessons learned. And the talks span a broad range of topics: AI/ML, Kafka, change data capture (CDC), database internals, Cassandra, MongoDB, DynamoDB, and of course ScyllaDB.

Update: ScyllaDB Summit 2024 is now a wrap!

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Keynotes include:

.Redefining the Boundaries of Performance at Scale
Dor Laor, ScyllaDB

So You’ve Lost Quorum: Lessons From Accidental Downtime
Bo Ingram, Discord


Tablets: Rethinking Replication
Avi Kivity, ScyllaDB


Radically Outperforming DynamoDB 
Miles Ward (SADA) and Joseph Shorter (Digital Turbine)

CTO Insights: Steering a High-Stakes Database Migration
Kishore Krishnamurthy, Zee5

ScyllaDB Cloud: Faster and More Flexible
Michael Hollander, ScyllaDB

Here are a few things to note in the agenda…

Hands-On Training with ScyllaDB Labs

mascot looking at open laptopNew this year: We’ll kick off the event by offering two tracks of interactive hands-on training. The training is part of the free “all-inclusive” package. 🙂 Just choose your path and start leveling up your database performance game before the first keynote begins.

Building High-Performance Apps: Designed to help anyone new to ScyllaDB get up to speed fast. Topics include:

  • Achieving and maintaining low-latency NoSQL at scale
  • Data modeling, the read/write path, high availability, consistency, and replication
  • Building high-performance applications with ScyllaDB with a sample app
  • Navigating key decisions & logistics when getting started with ScyllaDB

Power User Best Practices: Advanced database performance strategies for users who have already mastered the ScyllaDB fundamentals. Topics include:

  • Taking advantage of advanced data modeling features
  • Writing better apps using optimizations and best practices
  • Gaining insight by customizing your monitoring for different priorities & pains
  • Making your applications faster and more available

Bonus: Get a head start at ScyllaDB University

Real-World NoSQL Challenges

ScyllaDB user sessions are always the most talked-about element of ScyllaDB Summit. This year’s talks cover all phases of the ScyllaDB “sea monster” odyssey: from comparing ScyllaDB to other candidates you might be considering, to the nuts-and-bolts logistics of a migration, to best practices for keeping your cluster running smoothly. There’s even critical lessons learned from a real-world perfect storm stressing the ScyllaDB cluster, including tips on how you can avoid making a fault too big to tolerate.

We’re also preparing something special for the teams considering a move from DynamoDB, MongoDB, or Cassandra to ScyllaDB. For each of those situations, we’ve curated a special “cluster” of sessions to help you understand what to expect. Each provides a jumpstart based on what we’ve learned from working with your peers across hundreds of use cases, a customer perspective on that migration, and strategies for success.

The Latest from ScyllaDB Engineering

ScyllaDB Engineering has earned a reputation for pushing the limits of what’s possible for database performance, as well as the broader discipline of distributed database engineering. Our shard-per-core architecture, Seastar framework, specialized internal cache, IO scheduler, shard-aware Rust drivers, WebAssembly UDFs and UDAs… if you haven’t been following it all, you can catch up on our engineering blog.

The team has reached some major milestones this year. At ScyllaDB Summit, you’ll hear a lot about our new tablets replication algorithm, our journey to extreme elasticity, our move to strong consistency, and a host of ways that we’re optimizing performance.

Books! (And Swag!)

If you look carefully through the speaker list, you’ll find two book authors: Discord’s Bo Ingram and ScyllaDB’s Felipe Cardeneti Mendes.

Bo is currently completing ScyllaDB in Action, a practical guide to everything you need to know about ScyllaDB, from your very first queries to running it in a production environment. This book teaches you ScyllaDB the best way—through hands-on examples.  Bo introduces it this way: “ScyllaDB in Action is the book I desperately wanted years ago…Building a database that easily scales and performs queries quickly and efficiently is a throughline of the book; I want to show you how to build, maintain, and run in production an effective and efficient database.”

database performance at scale guideAnd Felipe is (hopefully!) now recovered from the 2023 Database Performance at Scale book project that a few of us (Felipe, Piotr Sarna, Pavel Emelyanov, and I) collaborated on. As noted in this blog, we wrote the book to share our collective experience with performance-focused database engineering as well as performance-focused database users. It represents what we think teams striving for extreme database performance — low latency, high throughput, or both—should be thinking about, but often overlook. This includes the nuances of DB internals, drivers, infrastructure, topology, monitoring, and quite a lot more. It’s not about ScyllaDB per se, but it should definitely be of interest to anyone using or considering ScyllaDB.

Register for ScyllaDB Summit – Books & Swag

We’ll be offering access to both of these books throughout ScyllaDB Summit. And if you’ve attended any of our virtual events in the past, you know that our swag packs are second to none. Here’s an idea of what to expect:

We hope to see you there!


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