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Inside ScyllaDB University LIVE: Q & A with Guy Shtub

Note: This event has concluded – but there are many more live events to come! Also, visit ScyllaDB University for self-paced training. 

ScyllaDB University LIVE is back in session! Whether you’re just curious about ScyllaDB, the fastest NoSQL Database, or an experienced user looking to optimize your deployment, this event is a fast and focused way to learn strategies for getting the most out of ScyllaDB. You can mix and match sessions from two parallel tracks

  • ScyllaDB Essentials: ScyllaDB architecture, key components, and building your first ScyllaDB-powered app.
  • Advanced Topics and Integrations: Deep dives into optimizing performance, ScyllaDB on Kubernetes, and advanced data modeling.

To give you a better understanding of what the event involves, we recently sat down for a conversation with ScyllaDB University’s fearless leader: Guy Shtub, Head of Training at ScyllaDB.

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How would you describe ScyllaDB University LIVE to someone who has never experienced it?

The event is a half-day of live instructor led training. It’s online and free. Our goal is to make the event as interactive as possible. The sessions are NOT pre-recorded and the speakers include code examples in their talks.

How is it different than ScyllaDB University?

ScyllaDB University is a self-paced training and resource center. Users can take a single lesson or lab whenever they have some free time.

On the other hand, ScyllaDB University LIVE is first and foremost a live event, as the name suggests 🙂 It’s an interactive event that enables engagement with the speakers and with the larger ScyllaDB user community.

After the live event, we publish the slide decks and related resources in a special ScyllaDB University course that’s available to people who participated in the live event. That way, attendees can review the material afterward and get their own hands-on practice with the examples presented during the event.

What inspired ScyllaDB to create ScyllaDB University LIVE, and how has it evolved?

Before COVID-19, we had in-person training days. Since face-to-face events were suddenly on hold – but users still really wanted interactive events – we came up with the concept of doing a half-day, virtual, live training event…and ScyllaDB University LIVE was born.

Based on the feedback we received from the first event, plus the surprisingly high number of participants, we decided to hold the event every quarter.

Who generally attends, and what do they get out of it?

Usually most of the attendees are beginners: people that have heard about ScyllaDB and want to learn more about it. But each event also offers a whole track of sessions designed for more experienced users – people who are already using ScyllaDB but want to learn about more advanced topics and about integrations with other software, such as Kubernetes, Kafka, Spring Boot and so on.

As far as roles, we see many application developers, DevOps engineers, and architects – as well as people in higher management interested in improving their database’s cost effectiveness.

Do you have any tips or advice for attendees to get the most out of the event?

Yes! Before the event, take some lessons at ScyllaDB University. ScyllaDB University is self-paced, completely free, and a centralized place to explore a broad range of core ScyllaDB topics. You can roll up your sleeves and “get your hands dirty” by running some of the labs and seeing how ScyllaDB actually runs.

What’s your favorite part of the event?

While I love the talks, my favorite part is the roundtable that occurs right after the three talks in each track conclude. This is a chance for attendees to ask the speakers, as well as other experts, any questions they have. Having Avi Kivity (our CTO and co-founder) and Dor Laor (our CEO and co-founder) on camera together usually makes for interesting times. 😉

Here’s an excerpt from a previous roundtable:

What are some future plans and ideas for ScyllaDB University LIVE?

We’ve had a lot of requests for a training event that’s in a more Asia-friendly timezone. Another idea is to make the event even more interactive by having attendees run hands-on labs during while we’re all online together. Right now, the instructor runs the labs during the event, then we provide attendees everything they need to repeat the labs on their own afterwards.

We’re always looking to improve and your feedback is very much appreciated. Please let us know what you’d like to see in future events on the community forum.

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