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What’s New at ScyllaDB University for February 2021

We had a busy 2020, and a lot has happened since my last update. Usage was significantly higher than the prior-year, and we had thousands of new users consuming University material.

We added lots of content to ScyllaDB University covering many of the new features of ScyllaDB. I’ll write about the new lessons in my next blog post. In this post, I’ll cover the top students for 2020, Training Day, which was part of ScyllaDB Summit along with some other news.

Dean’s List

Of the many active trainees using ScyllaDB University, the top users were:

  1. Lucrezia Geusa, Software Developer, RDSLab, “I really enjoyed the online training course and it was really useful for me. I’m also glad to have added the certificate to my Linkedin profile.”
  2. Lalith Kumar Nimmala, Technology Lead, Infosys, “ScyllaDB University provided a frictionless experience for me to get started and level up quickly. Thanks to the training team at ScyllaDB for being thoughtful in preparing the content and organizing it for the benefit of learners like me.”
  3. Ian Harding, DBA, Zillow, “I really enjoyed the online free training provided by ScyllaDB.  The interface is simple and the content is “Just right” when it comes to the amount of detail provided.  It tells you “why” as well as “how” which I appreciate!”
  4. Julianna Hansen, Senior Software Developer, Project Lead, Platforms LLC, “ScyllaDB University has tremendously helped me learn the fundamentals of NoSQL DBs! The latest courses that paired with the ScyllaDB Summit have furthered my understanding especially about Materialized Views vs Secondary Indexes.”
  5. Oliver Allan, DBA, Metro Bank, “I have found ScyllaDB University to be a fantastic learning resource, clear explanations and has helped me immensely so thank you for providing this great resource!”
  6. Satyam Mittal, Database Software Engineer, Grab, “The content at ScyllaDB University is very good quality and quizzes at the end of the section encourage me to figure more things out and actually learn. It not only helped me in learning specific concepts about ScyllaDB but also helped me in figuring out differences with other NoSQL databases. I will be looking at learning more courses from ScyllaDB University in my free time.”

Cool ScyllaDB ScyllaDB Swag is on its way to you.

As a reminder, points are awarded for:

  • Completing lessons including quizzes and hands-on labs, with a high score
  • Submitting a feedback form, for example, this one.
  • General suggestions, feedback, and input (just shoot me a message on the #scylla-university channel on Slack)

Training Day

This year, due to the circumstances and for the first time, ScyllaDB Summit was virtual and took place at the beginning of 2021. The Training Day had the highest attendance to date, and all the material was published in two courses on ScyllaDB University. One for the Developer Track and one for the Administrator Track. If you complete one of the above courses, you’ll get a course completion certificate and some cool swag. These courses will be available until the end of February.

Once you get a certificate, you can share it on your LinkedIn profile to show off your achievements. To see your certificates go to your profile page.

Next Steps

If you haven’t done so yet, create a user account and start learning, it’s free!

Join the #scylla-university channel on Slack for more training related updates and discussions.




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