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ScyllaDB at Linux SCaLE 16x

Linux Scylla Love graphic

We’re at Linux SCaLE 16x this week

Stop by booth #219 at Linux SCaLE 16x at the Pasadena Convention Center where we’ll be running live demos of Scylla running different workloads. We’d love to discuss your database projects and use cases, and you can pick up a Scylla t-shirt or sea monster stuffie!

Linux SCALE crowd at ScyllaDB booth

ScyllaDB presenting “Internal Architecture of a Modern NoSQL Datastore”

On Sunday, March 11th we will present “Internal Architecture of a Modern NoSQL Datastore.” In this session, we will discuss the make-up of the Scylla datastore—a C++ from-scratch reimplementation of the popular Apache Cassandra database with a performance baseline not previously seen in the NoSQL world. You’ll get a deep dive into Scylla’s unique components—including a userspace CPU Scheduler, a userspace disk I/O Scheduler, a tailored memory allocator and changes to the standard C++ exception handling. We’ll explain why we developed them and the advantages they provide.

We’ll also cover the areas where Linux helps us the most and where we were better off moving functionality that traditionally lives in the Kernel to userspace, which Linux interfaces are employed in modern datastores and why, and the trade-offs that usually come with them.

What: Internal Architecture of a Modern NoSQL Datastore
Where: Ballroom C
When: Sunday, March 11, 2018 – 11:30 to 12:30

Hope to see you then!