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Meet Scylla Developer Raphael Carvalho

Raphael S. Carvalho is a computer programmer here at ScyllaDB who loves open source software and kernel programming. He worked on the Syslinux project to bring new file system support and also worked on MultiFS to allow multiple file systems to co-exist. For his Scylla work, he has been mostly working on SSTable compaction handling and recently developed the support for the Time Window Compaction Strategy on Scylla. This strategy is a considerably better alternative to the DateTieredCompactionStrategy.

Raphael has a passion for making products and solutions better with his programming experience. You can learn more about Raphael in his recent interview on Coderintros.com about the joys of programming. Read the interview to find out his favorite programming language, learn about the most impactful project that he has worked on, hear his opinions and stories on coding in general, and more.