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ScyllaDB in New York: AWS Summit and Database Month Meetup

Visit us at AWS Summit New York on August 14th: Demos, fun games, and cool swag!

When: August 14 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Where: Javits Center
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Going to AWS Summit New York? Be sure to stop by and visit ScyllaDB at booth #214 to see a demo, pick up a t-shirt, and play our fun game to win cool swag, including ScyllaDB the Sea Monster.

Our solution architects will be at the booth all day showing live demos of ScyllaDB achieving levels of throughput from a single node and compare the results with what it takes for other databases in gigantic clusters to sustain with predictable, low latencies – all on hardware readily available on AWS!

Join us for a tech talk at AWS Loft on August 15

When: August 15th 6:30 PM
Where: AWS Loft 350 W. Broadway (near Canal St.), New York, NY (map)
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Yuan Ren, Head of Data Science at mParticle, will show you how to design a high throughput and low latency NoSQL deployment in his talk, mParticle: How we use NoSQL to Process 50 Billion Monthly Messages.

mParticle captures more than $5 billion in e-commerce transactions and has over 1 billion monthly active users. Despite its challenging workload, with read-modify-write patterns on huge payloads and strict read latency SLAs, mParticle achieved breakneck throughput and low latency without compromising on global database availability.

Register to attend the meetup and learn:

  • Why mParticle switched from Apache Cassandra to ScyllaDB, an open source database which is fully compatible with Apache Cassandra
  • How mParticle stopped worrying about mixed workloads, read-modify-write, compaction, and tuning without 3 full-time PhDs
  • How to more effectively utilize high-capacity Amazon Web Services (AWS) hardware, including the 64 vcpu and 15TB NVMe i3.16xl instances to run a 100TB dataset with just 10 nodes

Plus, more swag!

ScyllaDB team members will be on hand to discuss how you can get involved in the open source ScyllaDB project.  We’ll play trivia and you’ll have a chance to win really cool swag!

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