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ScyllaDB release: version 1.5.1

ScyllaDB Release
The ScyllaDB team is pleased to announce the release of ScyllaDB 1.5.1, a bugfix release of the ScyllaDB 1.5 stable branch.  Note that the latest stable release is ScyllaDB 1.6, you are encouraged to upgrade to it. Release 1.5.1, like all past and future 1.x.y releases, is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

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The following bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Tracing: Starting a Node while other nodes send RPC messages requesting tracing causes an assert #1939
  • Excessive disk usage during sstable resharding. Resharding will happen when importing SSTable from Cassandra or a ScyllaDB server with a different core number  #1952
  • Error in ScyllaDB install of scylla user already exist #1958
  • ScyllaDB setup script does not list local SSD disks, for example on a Google Cloud VM #1963
  • scylla-housekeeping, a process checking for new ScyllaDB release, failed if python-setuptools lib is not available #1884
  • Prometheus: multiple metric families with the same name my hide ScyllaDB metrics (not affecting scylla-grafana-monitoring)  #2077
  • Prometheus: metric generation has quadratic behavior, affects latency  #2078
  • ScyllaDB may crash under some circumstances when disk can’t keep up with writes for a long period: #2021

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