Case Study: Instinctive.io Powers Content Marketing and Native Advertising with ScyllaDB

About Instinctive.io

Serving ads to consumers is an art. Publishers and advertisers look for the most innovative technologies to create an integrated, relevant, and natively appearing content to the target customer. Instinctive.io supplies a best-in-class marketing platform for publisher and advertisers and is the first provider of native content and native advertising to shift toward transacting on attention. Brands using the time-based billing option are only being billed for impressions at least 3 seconds long and can set their own viewability measurement standard.

Every request in Instinctive.io ad network is traced with both internal code timings and profile of which ad was chosen, user information, etc.

To support the logging workload Instinctive.io chose ScyllaDB.

The Challenge

  • A geo-distributed, auto-replicated environment, which initially started with Aerospike and memsql but did not meet scalability needs
  • Low latency needed to handle customers’ bidding requirements
  • Support for data volumes in the hundreds of gigabytes on a cost-effective cloud environment

The Solution

  • Build multi-datacenter environments with Google Compute Engine
  • Use ScyllaDB native multi-datacenter replication to store information in different geographical locations
  • Use ScyllaDB row caching to support low-latency reads and writes

Why did Instinctive.io Choose ScyllaDB?

  • Native geo-replication capability requiring minimal to no tuning
  • Read-and-write latencies in the range of few milliseconds at the 99th percentile
  • The benefit of SSD deployments on Google compute engine
  • Support for analytics tool to improve customer experience and results
  • Use of 4vCPUs, 15 GB of DRAM with SCSI SSD attached storage instances