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Sizmek | Adventures in AdTech: Processing 50 Billion User Profiles in Real Time with ScyllaDB

Ľuboš Koščo, Senior Software Engineer, SizmekMichal Šenkýř, Senior Software Engineer, Sizmek

41:58December 17, 2018

AdTech requires high speed at massive scale. Sizmek serves millions of requests every second. Requests need to be processed in tens of milliseconds, while involving 10 simultaneous lookups into a database that contains tens of billions of profiles. In this presentation, you will discover how ScyllaDB enables Sizmek’s real-time bidders to query a gigantic user profile store quickly and reliably with only a few nodes. We’ll discuss data modeling, server and driver configuration, techniques to minimize disk access, as well as considerations for leveraging Spark while migrating from HBase.

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