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Scylla Manager Now Available for Scylla Open Source Users

Scylla Manager Block Diagram

Today we announce the release of Scylla Manager 1.3.1, a management system that automates maintenance tasks on a Scylla cluster. This release provides support for encrypted CQL communication with Scylla nodes and improves SSH stability. We are also shipping an official, publicly available, Scylla Manager Docker image. Most importantly, while past versions of Scylla Manager supported only Scylla Enterprise clusters, Scylla Manager 1.3.1 now also supports management of Scylla Open Source clusters of up to 5 nodes. Scylla Manager joins a growing list of Scylla management and monitoring software, including the open source Scylla Monitoring Stack, which provides cluster metrics […]

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SaaS vs OSS – Fight or flight, round #2

To quote Bob Dylan, “the times they are a changin’.” Microsoft loves Linux, IBM buys Red Hat, RedisLabs changes their module license to Commons Clause, Mongo invents Server Side Public License (SSPL) and moves from AGPL, AWS open sources Firecracker and releases a Kafka service, and the hot news from Friday, Confluent changes its license for components of the Confluent Platform from Apache 2.0 to the Confluent Community License. A few weeks ago I wrote about MongoDB’s SSPL, which is similar to Confluent’s new license. You could say the Confluent Community License is to the Apache license as MongoDB SSPL […]

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