Discord Chooses ScyllaDB as Its Core Storage Layer

Leading Chat Service Consolidates on ScyllaDB NoSQL Database, Migrating Its Production Data off MongoDB and Apache Cassandra

PALO ALTO, CALIF. — July 22, 2020ScyllaDB today announced that Discord is migrating its production data to the ScyllaDB Enterprise NoSQL database. By moving to ScyllaDB, Discord is standardizing on a more stable and reliable database, reducing its data footprint, increasing system performance and realizing a significant reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to its previous data infrastructure.

Founded in 2015, Discord is a voice, video and text communications service. Today, Discord has more than 100 million monthly active users on its service.

“We trust ScyllaDB’s speed and reliability to help with some of our most business-critical use cases including all of our core product experience, our anti-abuse systems and more,” said Mark Smith, Discord’s Director of Infrastructure. “As Discord has grown over the last five years, ScyllaDB has been able to scale with us. We have found it highly performant, and where we saw latency spikes with other databases, we now experience consistent low single-digit latencies with ScyllaDB.”

The Discord team was able to confidently deploy their services on ScyllaDB thanks to ScyllaDB’s straightforward control surfaces for installation, configuration and monitoring.

“You don’t choose how to configure ScyllaDB,” added Smith. “Instead, you run tools that output config files. ScyllaDB provides a baseline that simplifies the whole process and reduces risk and anxiety. Once in production, rather than rely on constant human intervention, ScyllaDB becomes self-tuning, dynamically adapting to real-world workloads.”

“Given Discord’s broad adoption and the respect it has earned from its user community, we are delighted that ScyllaDB is able to help them deliver reliable, real-time services at global scale that keep people connected and happy,” said Dor Laor, ScyllaDB’s founder and CEO. “We’re equally pleased that ScyllaDB has contributed to the well-being of Discord’s engineers and managers.”

About ScyllaDB

ScyllaDB is the monstrously fast and scalable NoSQL database. Fully compatible with Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB, ScyllaDB embraces a shared-nothing approach that increases throughput and storage capacity as much as 10X that of Cassandra. Comcast, Medium, Starbucks, Ola Cabs, Samsung, IBM, Grab, Santander, AppNexus, Investing.com and many more leading companies have adopted ScyllaDB to realize order-of-magnitude performance improvements and reduce hardware costs. ScyllaDB was founded by the team responsible for the KVM hypervisor and is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, Wing Venture Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, TLV Partners, Magma Venture Partners, Western Digital Capital and Samsung Ventures. For more information: ScyllaDB.com

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