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ScyllaDB NoSQL for Industrial Automation and IoT

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Optimal Blend of Speed, Efficiency and Scale

Devices, vehicles, and machines are increasingly connected and streaming massive volumes of events and data. By some estimates, the Internet of Things generates 5 quintillion bytes of data each day. To monitor and analyze all this data in real time, IoT platforms need an optimal blend of speed, efficiency and scale, along with flexible data modeling that supports time-series events.

Advantages of ScyllaDB NoSQL for Industrial Automation and IoT


Real-time Event Processing

ScyllaDB’s consistent low latencies enable IoT systems to process billions of events in real time, without the lags that burden other databases.

Predictable Performance at Scale

High throughput ingest and predictable performance support ever-increasing events and data streams at global scale.

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Cross-regional Data Replication

Cross-regional data replication from the edge to the clouds places storage close to globally distributed IoT operations, providing high availability and data resilience.

Lower TCO

Optimal hardware utilization, minimal operational overhead, and support for heterogeneous workloads combine to deliver significantly lower total cost of ownership.

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Industrial Automation and IoT NoSQL Use Cases

Predictive Maintenance

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Aggregate sensor data from industrial machinery and enable real-time analytics at scale to target maintenance and upgrades before failures and outages occur.

Real-time Analytics

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Run heterogenous operational and analytics workloads in real time against the same dataset in a single distributed datastore.

Asset Tracking

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Minimize loss, damage, and theft with real-time streaming geolocation data, across transportation, healthcare, agriculture, industrial, retail, and consumer markets.

Time Series Data

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Leverage native time-series data at an industrial scale, with a highly reliable and performant backend database that scales as your data grows.

Supply Chain

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Track multi-modal movement of goods around the globe, while monitoring storage conditions and ensuring provenance and chain-of-custody.

Industrial Automation and IoT NoSQL Case Studies