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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Scylla has been tested and benchmarked on Oracle’s second-generation IaaS, bare-metal instances. Through its unique architectural design, Scylla efficiently leverages the performance-oriented resources Oracle has made available on OCI bare metal servers–including high CPU count, large quantities of RAM and fast NVME drives. As a result, Scylla delivers the read/write performance that organizations require for real-time big data applications. Moreover, organizations currently running Apache Cassandra can easily migrate to Scylla. A fully compatible drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB, Scylla enables Cassandra and DynamoDB users to consolidate their database clusters when moving to Oracle’s OCI platform, thereby increasing application usability while reducing overall CAPEX/OPEX.

ScyllaDB is available within Oracle’s Cloud Marketplace. Please see below for further reading on the performance of Scylla on Oracle’s Cloud.

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