Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Scylla has been tested and benchmarked on Oracle’s second-generation IaaS, bare-metal instances. Through its unique architectural design, Scylla efficiently leverages the performance-oriented resources Oracle has made available on OCI bare metal servers–including high CPU count, large quantities of RAM and fast NVME drives. As a result, Scylla delivers the read/write performance that organizations require for real-time big data applications. Moreover, organizations currently running Apache Cassandra can easily migrate to Scylla. A fully compatible drop-in replacement for Cassandra, Scylla enables Cassandra users to consolidate their database clusters when moving to Oracle’s OCI platform, thereby increasing application usability while reducing overall CAPEX/OPEX.

ScyllaDB is available within Oracle’s Cloud Marketplace. Please see below for further reading on the performance of Scylla on Oracle’s Cloud.

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