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Materialized Views preview in Scylla 2.0

The developers of Scylla are working hard so that Scylla will not only have unparalleled performance (see our benchmarks) and reliability, but also have the features that our users want or expect for compatibility with the latest version of Apache Cassandra. The latest of these new features is Materialized Views, which will be an experimental feature in the upcoming Scylla release 2.0. Because this feature is experimental, users are invited to try it in non-production environments. The initial implementation has limitations which are discussed at the end of this blog and will be addressed in later versions of Scylla. The […]

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Using KairosDB with Scylla

This is Part 2 in a series on Thrift support in Scylla. Part 1 is here.

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Thrift Support in Scylla 1.3

Thrift support in Scylla

Thrift is the original Cassandra protocol. It’s a software framework for back-end services developed at Facebook, and now an Apache project. New Cassandra applications use the CQL query language, but because Thrift was heavily used in Apache Cassandra’s early years, several important integrations depend on it. Some examples are:

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