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ScyllaDB Summit 2021 Speakers Announced

Summit Speaker Announcement blog post

ScyllaDB Summit is the annual opportunity for our community, our partners, our engineers and staff to all meet, mingle and learn from each other. Of course, this year ScyllaDB Summit will be a virtual event, January 12-14 2021. That means no time lost for travel, no need to choose from multiple tracks, and no cost for the event — not even for our Training Day.


For those who have not attended in the past, consider these five reasons to join us:

  1. Learn the latest innovations to take back to your team
  2. Network with the best brains in the industry
  3. Get trained at our online Training Day (no charge for training this year!)
  4. Influence our roadmap
  5. Hear use cases, tips and tricks, optimizations and best practices from your colleagues

A Few Sessions of Note

  • Keynotes from ScyllaDB Co-Founders Dor Laor and Avi Kivity
  • Confluent on Streaming Data from ScyllaDB to Kafka — Tim Berglund will share how you can combine the power of ScyllaDB and Confluent to stream data straight from ScyllaDB tables into Kafka topics.
  • AWS Outposts — Rob Czarnecki will highlight the capabilities of deploying ScyllaDB Cloud (NoSQL DBaaS) and other applications to an on-premises location via Amazon’s fully managed service extension, AWS Outposts.
  • Jepsen Test Results for ScyllaDB — Author and consultant Kyle Kingsbury (AKA, “Aphyr”) will describe how ScyllaDB’s LWT implementation fared in partitioned state testing.

Your Big Data Peers

  • Expedia Group: Migrating from Cassandra to ScyllaDB — Expedia Group will share their experience on what it took to move from Apache Cassandra to ScyllaDB, and the benefits it brought them.
  • GE Healthcare: A Revolution in Healthcare — GE Healthcare needed to provide hospitals with on-site databases to support medical imaging. Learn how they used our Alternator interface to seamlessly make the shift from DynamoDB to ScyllaDB.
  • Grab: Grab at Scale with ScyllaDB — What does it take to make Southeast Asia’s most widely used “superapp” so successful at scale? Find out how Grab continues to evolve using ScyllaDB to support the daily meals, rides and payments of over 160 million users.
  • Hotstar: Scaling Video On-Demand with ScyllaDB — Hotstar is India’s premier streaming service, now a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Learn how they scaled to meet the most demanding needs of their 300 million active users.
  • IOTA Foundation: Implementing a NoSQL Database in a Distributed Ledger Service — Learn how the IOTA Foundation uses ScyllaDB as the persistent datastore at the heart The Tangle, their feeless, minerless distributed ledger technology.
  • Mail.Ru: High-load Storage of Users’ Actions with ScyllaDB and HDDs — Mail.ru is Russia’s largest email provider. Find out how they were able to use good old fashioned Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) as a performant, affordable datastore for their 47 million email users’ actions.
  • Numberly: Getting a Shard-Aware Python Driver Faster — Alexys Jacob, CTO of Numberly, will share how all shard-aware drivers achieve greater performance while developing on their current limitations, which ScyllaDB 4.3 is going to unlock for even greater performance and reduced latency.
  • Ola Cabs: Real-Time Intelligent Decision Making Using ScyllaDB — Ola Cabs is one of ScyllaDB’s earliest users. They’ve grown their business around our technology. Learn how they continue to push the envelope with ScyllaDB.
  • Expero & QOMPLX: Using ScyllaDB with JanusGraph for Cybersecurity — QOMPLX and Expero will explain how they use ScyllaDB and JanusGraph to detect, manage and assess risks for large corporate and government clients.
  • Ticketmaster: Handling High Loads with Ticketmaster — When massive public events go on sale, it is like Black Friday and Cybermonday combined. Learn how Ticketmaster leverages ScyllaDB to process 150 million transactions in minutes.
  • Zillow: Optimistic Locking Using Write-time Timestamps — Learn how Zillow employs a couple of techniques to guarantee in-order delivery of messages from multiple sources to the same ScyllaDB cluster.

In addition, our own engineers will present the latest features, optimizatons and capabilities of ScyllaDB, including our Kubernetes operator, production-ready Change Data Capture (CDC), updated Kafka ScyllaDB Connector, and more!

You can keep abreast of more speakers and their sessions on ScyllaDB Summit site, which we update frequently. Full agenda coming soon!

Database Monsters of the World, Connect!

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