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ScyllaDB Summit 2019 Training Day

As part of the ScyllaDB Summit 2019, we’ll host a pre-summit training day on November 4th. 

Novice and Admin tracks will include topics such as:

  • Installing ScyllaDB on various environments including AWS, GCE, and Kubernetes-based systems
  • Auto-tuning ScyllaDB to maximize performance, including which metrics you should care about when using ScyllaDB, and which knobs to turn to maximize your system performance
  • How to plug  ScyllaDB into the big data ecosystem and streaming ecosystem with  Spark, Presto, Kubernetes, KairosDB, JanusGraph, and ElasticSearch
  • Developer sessions covering best practices for data modeling and access patterns
  • Sessions exploring ways ScyllaDB helps reduce the total cost of ownership of data systems

Additionally, this year will have a separate hands-on track where attendees will have a chance to put the theory into practice using ScyllaDB University. The sessions will be given by our top engineers and experts. You’ll have a chance to ask them questions and learn from colleagues’ experiences. 

Who Should Attend?

The training day is designated for DBAs, System Engineers, Developers and Architects who would like to get started with ScyllaDB or improve their existing skills.

Anyone interested in a highly available fast database would benefit from this day.


Bring a laptop running Docker, with 3GB of RAM or more. If you are using Linux, you will need docker-compose. Make sure you can install and run ScyllaDB by following the directions in this lesson

It’s recommended to go through the ScyllaDB Essentials and Mutant Monitoring System courses on ScyllaDB University. 

Hope to see you there!


About Guy Shtub

Head of Training: Guy is experienced in creating products that people love. Previously he co-founded two start-ups. Outside of the office, you can find him climbing, juggling and generally getting off the beaten path. Guy holds a B.SC. degree in Software Engineering from Ben Gurion University.