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ScyllaDB Summit 2018 – Be a Speaker

Got a Real-Time Big Data Story to Share?

ScyllaDB Summit 2018 is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area November 6-7. Our sessions will cover real-world ScyllaDB use cases, roadmap plans, technical product demonstrations, integrations with the NoSQL ecosystem, training sessions, the latest ScyllaDB news, and much more.

ScyllaDB Summit 2018 Call for Speakers image

Everyone has a story about their journey to find the best database solution for their specific use case. What’s yours? Are you a developer, engineer, designer, or product manager leveraging the close-to-the-hardware design of ScyllaDB or Seastar? Are you an executive, entrepreneur, or innovator faced with navigating the impact of NoSQL databases on your organization? If so, come and share your experiences to help build community and your own profile within it.

We’re looking for compelling case studies, technical sessions, technical and organizational best practices, and more. See below for a list of suggested topics, and feel free to recommend others. The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 17th, 2018.

Speakers receive complimentary admission to the 2-day summit and pre-summit training.


ScyllaDB Use Cases

  • Innovative ScyllaDB use cases are fascinating to our audience, especially if you can speak to the value your company gained from your ScyllaDB deployment, latency improvements, scale, reduced costs and such.
  • Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal use case showcases: FinTech, AdTech, IoT, Cyber, Recommendation Engines, etc
  • Database migration—share with our community how you migrated from another database solution (Cassandra, Mongo, MySQL, etc.) to ScyllaDB—whether it’s a repeatable process or an edge case, these presentations are always popular with our audience.

Big Data Ecosystem and ScyllaDB/Cassandra

  • Share your stack, code, and how you’ve made a difference with Spark, Graph, Search, and Kafka. Share fantastic challenges and how you solved them.
    Running a time-series database on top of ScyllaDB/Cassandra? Hack GoCQL or even develop the new Seastar based C++ driver? Akka fan? Share your story and contributions!
  • Containers, Kubernetes and Helm Charts, Prometheus monitoring and additional production tooling

Seastar and ScyllaDB Development

  • Have you developed an interesting database enhancement? New gossip suggestions? Another compaction strategy?
  • ScyllaDB on new, emerging hardware platforms
  • Seastar-based developments—DPDK and TCP/IP stacks, Java/legacy rewrites, etc.

Evals and Tests

  • Running interesting QA tests? Have a chaos monkey? If so, join our zoo!
  • Performance tests are always interesting to our technical audience.

Required Information

You’ll be asked to include the following information for your proposal:

  • Proposed title
  • Description
  • Suggested main topic
  • Audience information
  • Who is this presentation for?
  • What will the audience take away?
  • What prerequisite knowledge would they need?
  • Videos or live demos included in presentation?
  • Length of the presentation (30-45 minutes recommended)

8 Tips for Submitting a ScyllaDB Summit Proposal

Help us understand why your presentation is right for ScyllaDB Summit 2018. Please keep in mind that this event is made by and for technical professionals. All presentations and supporting materials must be respectful and inclusive.

1. Be authentic. Your peers need original ideas with real-world scenarios, relevant examples, and knowledge transfer
2. Give your proposal a simple and straightforward title
3. Include as much detail about the presentation as possible
4. Keep proposals free of marketing, sales and vendor pitches
5. We tend to ignore proposals submitted by PR agencies and require that we can reach the suggested speaker directly. Improve the proposal’s chances of being accepted by working closely with the presenter(s) to write a jargon-free proposal that will be interesting and provide value for attendees
6. The best sessions are concise and focused—overviews aren’t great in this format, the narrower your topic is, the more you give your audience to take home
7. Explain why people will want to attend and what they’ll take away from it
8. Live demos sometimes don’t go as planned, so we don’t recommend them


Super Early Bird Registration for ScyllaDB Summit 2018 opens soon – follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our blog to stay up to date!