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ScyllaDB Summit 2016 Full Agenda Announced

We have a stellar roster of NoSQL experts lined up for ScyllaDB Summit—here are a few talks we are especially excited about. Register now to grab your spot!


Database in Containers
Nick Scott, IBM Compose

This talk extends the Twelve Factor Manifesto model to cover applications, such as ScyllaDB, that need to reliably persist data at Internet scale. Some of the 12 factors for apps can be anti-patterns for the stateful service. In this talk, we’ll explain the how and why of simplicity and resilience for databases.

Samsung SDS and ScyllaDB: From PoC to Partnership, and Beyond
Kuyul Noh, Samsung SDS

The session covers Samsung SDS’s journey from ScyllaDB 0.10 to 1.23, from functional to stability test. You’ll hear about the business use cases for which Samsung SDS is using ScyllaDB, such as IoT Data Platform and Messenger service, and learn what the future holds for Samsung SDS’s contribution to ScyllaDB community and business partnership with ScyllaDB.

Graph Processing with Titan and ScyllaDB
Jason Plurad, IBM Graph

Graphs are growing in popularity, but the landscape is becoming a hairball. Learn how to unravel it with the Apache TinkerPop graph computing framework and Gremlin. This session will help you distinguish between OLTP and OLAP graph processing, as well as how to bridge the gap between graph databases and graph engines. We will talk specifically about how the Titan, an open source graph database, can combine with ScyllaDB to handle both types of workloads.

Using ScyllaDB for a Microservice Based Pipeline in Go
Henrik Johansson, Eniro Initiatives

How do you handle the continuous transformation and refinement of billions of entities with some sort of reliability and performance? In this talk, Henrik will describe how ScyllaDB enabled him and his team to create a pipelined solution using a series of microservices written in Go communicating with each other using Nats. You’ll hear about the mistakes and learnings they had along the way as they built the services that led to the great performance and stability they are experiencing today.

Cluster Migration from Cassandra to ScyllaDB
Adam Hutson, DataScale

This presentation will cover how to migrate an existing cluster from Cassandra to ScyllaDB using a combination of backup, restore, and configuration settings. Also known as cloning data into a new cluster, this should be a crucial path for most potential ScyllaDB users coming from Cassandra.

Why Kenshoo is About to Displace Cassandra with ScyllaDB
Noam Hassan, Kenshoo

The talk will cover the reasons we are looking at ScyllaDB as a replacement for Cassandra at Kenshoo. We will deep dive into Cassandra advantage and disadvantage, why we believe ScyllaDB is the solution for our Cassandra problems and what tests are we running to validate it.

Check out the whole agenda on our web site to learn about the rest of the talks—including technical talks from the ScyllaDB team, the ScyllaDB road map, and a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn how to get the most out of your ScyllaDB cluster.

Going to Cassandra Summit? Immerse yourself in another day of NoSQL. ScyllaDB Summit takes place the day before Cassandra Summit begins at the Hilton San Jose, adjacent to the San Jose Convention Center. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

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