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Announcing Scylla Summit on September 6

We’re having a Scylla conference this fall—featuring the latest
on how NoSQL projects at companies including Kenshoo, Eniro, Mogujie, AppNexus And IBM’s Compose are doing NoSQL faster and better with Scylla.

The first Scylla Summit is coming to San Jose, California, on September 6th. Besides Scylla user success stories, we’ll also have the details from the Scylla developers on new and upcoming features, and the facts behind the design choices that make Scylla fast and reliable.

Scylla Summit is a full day conference and will be held at the Hilton San Jose, California (adjacent to the San Jose Convention Center). Lunch and snacks are included.

(Yes, Scylla Summit is right before Cassandra Summit, and right next door, so if you’re planning on Cassandra Summit this year, then adding one more day for Scylla Summit will be easy. Mark your calendar now!)

The Call for Papers is still open, with a deadline of August 1. We’re looking for

  • Best practices
  • Scylla use cases
  • Integration with analytics and IoT workloads
  • Scylla projects of all kinds – from small clusters to Internet scale

Register now for $100 (San Jose downtown hotels can get booked up during the fall conference season, so make your plans as soon as you can!)

Scylla Summit

Looking forward to seeing you in San Jose. We’ll be posting Summit updates on the Scylla newsletter, so subscribe now.

Scylla Team

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Scylla is the world’s fastest wide-column store database: the functionality of Apache Cassandra with the speed of a light key/value store.