Meetup: Big Data Montreal – Real-time big data at scale: 1M queries/s with single-digit millisecond latency

Glauber Costa, VP Field Engineering at ScyllaDBMina Naguib, Site Reliability Engineering Team Leader, AdGear

1:29August 6, 2018

Modern NoSQL databases are capable of achieving high throughput in a scalable fashion. But achieving high throughput with low latencies adds an extra layer of challenge. This was commonly solved either by complex architectures with expensive memory caches fronting the database or a giant node sprawl leading to humongous clusters with vastly underutilized resources. But no more! This talk covers the architecture and design decisions behind ScyllaDB which allow users to achieve high throughput at predictably low latencies while keeping TCOs under tight control. We will look at a real example of how that played out in practice by AdGear.

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