ScyllaDB NoSQL for Cybersecurity

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Real-time Protection Against Digital Threats

Cybersecurity requires scale and speed to react in real-time to a constantly evolving threat landscape. Cybersecurity providers are adopting cloud-native infrastructure to collect, store, and analyze the billions of events that hold clues to the activities of hackers and bad actors.

Advantages of ScyllaDB NoSQL for Cybersecurity


Real-time Threats Prevention

Consistent low-latency performance for real-time streaming analytics identify and prevent digital threats in real time.

Predictable Performance at Scale

Predictable performance, extreme throughput and rapid scaling are requisite to ingesting billions of events for cybersecurity industry use cases across threat analysis, malware protection, and intrusion detection.

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Cross-regional Data Replication

Cloud, on-premises, and a variety of hybrid topologies support data distribution and geographic replication for high availability, resilience, and instant access to critical data anywhere in the world.

Lower TCO

Lower total cost of ownership, reduced complexity, automated tuning, and DevOps-friendly operational capabilities.

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NoSQL Use Cases for Cybersecurity

Intrusion Detection

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Ingest billions of events at high velocity, supporting real-time analytics and insights against operational data in a single database.

Threat Analysis

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Prevent security breaches and other attacks by proactively intervening with real-time updates.

Compliance and Governance

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Deploy across diverse topologies to collect and store events and telemetry, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Virus/Malware Protection

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Defend endpoints and users from intrusions and threats by enabling machine learning and analysis of files to separate malware from harmless content.

NoSQL Case Studies for Cybersecurity