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Scylla vs Apache Cassandra: Expedia Group’s Migration Journey to Scylla

11 minutes

In This NoSQL Presentation

Expedia Group is a multibillion dollar online travel company. Learn why they decided to move from Apache Cassandra to Scylla to further their corporate growth, what they learned in the migration process, and how Expedia Group benefits from using Scylla.

Dilip Kolasani, Database Reliability Engineer & Cloud Engineer, Expedia Group

Dilip is a database specialist with over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. He has a deep understanding of relational, as well as NoSQL databases and specializes in enabling application transitions to NoSQL databases in the cloud.

Singaram Ragunathan, Data Architect, Expedia Group

Singaram is a seasoned data professional who’s passionate about distributed database systems, highly scalable big data models, data pipelines and application software. He has fun building database infrastructure as code and helping application teams with their journey to cloud.