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Role-based Access Control in Scylla


The next open-source release (version 2.2) of Scylla will include support for role-based access control. This feature was introduced in version 2.2 of Apache Cassandra. This post starts with an overview of the access control system in Scylla and some of the motivation for augmenting it with roles. We’ll explain what roles are and show an example of their use. Finally, we’ll cover how Scylla transitions existing access-control data to the new roles-based system when you upgrade a cluster. Access Control in Scylla There are two aspects of access control in Scylla: controlling client connections to a Scylla node (authentication), […]

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Exploring Scylla on Kubernetes

In this blog post, we’ll start by describing Kubernetes, a system for automating application deployment and monitoring, discuss how some Kubernetes concepts map to those of Scylla, and provide a complete example (hosted on GitHub) of Scylla on Kubernetes that should serve as a good starting point for your own deployment strategy.

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