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5 Reasons to Attend Scylla Summit

The first Scylla Summit is on September 6th in San Jose, just one day before the Cassandra Summit begins. Join us and NoSQL experts of all kinds, and be part of history for this important milestone!


Here are 5 reasons why Scylla Summit is a must-attend event.

  1. Be Part of History
    The first Scylla Summit will be remembered as an inflection point in the big data movement. Join the Scylla community and play an active role in the NoSQL revolution.
  2. Learn from the Early Adopters
    Scylla is quickly gaining traction. Our early adopters will reveal how Scylla powers DevOps, Big Data, and IoT projects around the globe. Spare yourself from forever tuning the JVM – Scylla is a stable Cassandra alternative that gives awesome latency out of the box.
  3. Network with the Best Brains in the Industry
    Share ideas and have fun with your NoSQL peers and the entire Scylla team.
  4. Break Your Own IOPS Record
    Learn how to set up, tune, monitor and administer a Scylla cluster at our hands-on workshop. Access to a low-latency database with full compatibility with Cassandra is only a few clicks away!
  5. See into the Future
    By the end of 2016 we’ll have all of the important features of Cassandra. Get a sneak peek at the features and functionality on the Scylla roadmap and a chance to influence its direction as Scylla moves beyond Cassandra.

Check out the agenda on our web site to learn about the talks from users at Compose, an IBM Company, IBM Graph, Samsung SDS, Outbrain, Eniro, and Kenshoo—as well as technical talks from the Scylla team.

Going to Cassandra Summit? Immerse yourself in another day of NoSQL. Scylla Summit takes place the day before Cassandra Summit begins at the Hilton San Jose, adjacent to the San Jose Convention Center. Lunch and refreshments are provided.

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