Next Generation Cassandra

Scylla powers your mission critical applications with the best traits of Cassandra at 10x the performance and low-tail latency at all times

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Throughput of ScyllaDB vs Cassandra Using 2TB Data for Different YCSB Workloads

  • Independent 3rd-party report by Samsung MSL
  • Scylla 1.4 vs. Cassandra 3.9
  • Scylla outperforms Cassandra by a factor of more than 10x
  • Scylla’s 2TB on-disk-workload latency is lower than a 50GB in-memory workload on Cassandra

YCSB Cluster

YCSB Benchmark Scylla vs Cassandra Using only 3 Scylla Nodes

  • 3 Scylla machines are comparable with 30
  • Scylla’s 3 nodes 99th percentile latencies are 3x lower than 30 Cassandra nodes

AWS i2.8xlarge

Throughput Results of Scylla 1.6 vs Cassandra 3.0 Using Amazon Web Server i2.8xlarge

  • Reads are up to 5 times faster, even when coming from disk
  • Scylla writes 2.3 times faster than Cassandra, with lower latencies and compactions keeping up
  • Scylla’s compactions finish in 30 minutes, not 37 hours

AWS c3.2xlarge

Throughput Results of Scylla 1.6 vs Cassandra 3.0 Using Amazon Web Server c3.2xlarge

  • Scylla’s compelling advantage can be seen even in EBS-backed small instances. 21% - 145% gain on top of Cassandra
  • Worry-free compaction time
  • Up to 10 times lower 99.9% latency

Benefits of Using OSS ScyllaDB

A true NoSQL database for the most demanding applications

Ultra-Low Latency

Lockless implementation and an independent memory management stack remove the inefficient reliance on JVM or Linux page cache to deliver consistently lower latency at <1 msec levels.

10x Higher Throughput

Shard-per-core, shared-nothing and lock-free designs allow for perfect scale-up linear performance of up to 1,000,000 read/write operations per node.

High Availability

Automatic failure over, replication, and native multi-datacenter implementation make Scylla the best fault-tolerance distributed database in the industry.

Highly Scalable

Homogeneous servers roles, along with auto-sharding and great gossip protocol, allow Scylla to scale up and out at the same time.

Ease of Use

Fully automated and dynamic tuning requires zero configuration and enhances performance straight out of the box.

Community Backed

ScyllaDB has been open sourced since day one and is backed by a growing community of contributors.

Used and trusted by


"...very quickly we found it is all true—not only were the latency and GC issues completely gone, better HW utilization allowed us to shrink the cluster size by half!"

Gabriel Mizrahi


"Scylla reduced our latency to a level of single-digit milliseconds without changing a single line of code."

Terry Ma
Software Engineer


"We have observed a huge reduction in read latency by migrating from Cassandra to Scylla which enabled us to easily meet our SLAs.”

Andrew Katz
CTO & Founder

A Cassandra compatible NoSQL database at 1MM transactions/sec per server.

Scylla is the world’s fastest NoSQL database: the functionality of Apache Cassandra with the speed of a light key/value store.

Raw speed isn’t just a nice benchmark or a low cloud bill. Scylla’s order of magnitude improvement in performance opens a wide range of possibilities. Instead of designing a complex data model to achieve adequate performance, use a straightforward data model, eliminate complexity, and finish your NoSQL project in less time with fewer bugs.

Performance improvements enable not just reduction in hardware resources, but also a reduction in architecture, debugging, and DevOps labor. Scylla combines the simple and familiar Cassandra architecture with new power to build a data model that fits the application, not tweak the model to fit the server.

Drop in replacement solution