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YCSB Cluster

YCSB Benchmark: Scylla vs Cassandra Using Only 3 Scylla Nodes

  • Scylla reduced server footprint by 90%
  • Scylla’s 3 nodes 99th percentile latencies are lower than 30 Cassandra nodes
  • Cassandra servers stall at high ingest throughput rate
  • Scylla outperforms Cassandra for applications requiring stable and predictable latency

AWS i2.8xlarge

Throughput Results of Scylla 1.6 vs Cassandra 3.0 Using Amazon Web Server i2.8xlarge

  • Amazon Web Servers are a great platform for Scylla
  • Scylla uses your resources on AWS in the most efficient way
  • Scylla outperforms Cassandra on small or large instances, using SSD or EBS based volumes
  • Applications using Scylla can perform 10x better and are more reliable

AWS c3.2xlarge

Throughput Results of Scylla 1.6 vs Cassandra 3.0 Using Amazon Web Server c3.2xlarge

  • Even in EBS-backed small instances, Scylla's advantage is 21% - 145% over Cassandra
  • Worry-free compaction time
  • Up to 10 times lower 99.9% latency


Throughput of ScyllaDB vs Cassandra Using 2TB Data for Different YCSB Workloads

  • Independent 3rd-party report by Samsung MSL
  • Scylla 1.4 vs. Cassandra 3.9
  • Scylla outperforms Cassandra by a factor of more than 10x
  • Scylla’s 2TB on-disk-workload latency is lower than a 50GB in-memory workload on Cassandra

Take it for a Spin. See the performance you can expect from Scylla. Our Scylla Test Drive demo runs a live stress test against the requirements you set.


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