Scylla Manager 2.0.2

Scylla Manager is a management system that automates maintenance tasks on a Scylla cluster. Release 2.0.2 is a bug fix release of the Scylla Manager 2.0 branch.

Scylla Enterprise customers are encouraged to upgrade to Scylla Manager 2.0.2 in coordination with the Scylla support team.

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Bugs fixed and improvement in this release

  • Backup:
    • Fix for a memory leak in AWS SDK making Scylla Manager Agent consume huge amounts of memory when uploading data to S3.
    • New scyllamgr_agent_setup script that helps to set up a cgroup for Scylla Manager Agent to run in.
    • Improvements to S3 upload resilience and stability.
    • Improvements to backups files listing containing very large amounts of files.
  • Repair:
    • Relevant for Open-Source Scylla versions 3.1+, adjustments to Scylla Row Level Repair. For the relevant versions Scylla Manager would not split tokens to shards.

02 Apr 2020