ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.1.2

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.1.2, a bug-fix production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise patch release for ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.1.

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Below is a list of performance and stability improvements and bug fixes, each with an open source reference:

  • UX: misleading error message on logs. Currently, our error message on scylla_prepare says “Exception occurred while creating perftune.yaml”, even if perftune.yaml is already generated, and an error occurred after that. #10575
  • Service Level stability: Fix a race condition between RPC and Service Level creation that may cause some service levels to use the default scheduling group on some nodes. The result can cause a workload using the wrong service level, getting more or less resources than intended, and in extreme cases can cripple some workloads entirely.
  • Stability: Scylla propagates cache hit rate information through gossip, to allow coordinators to send less traffic to a newly started node. It will now spend less effort to do so on large clusters. #5971
  • Stability: Allow integers in scientific format in INSERT JSON #10100
  • CQL: ServiceLevel: incorrect error message when using day/month values for timeout #10286
  • Stability: Accidentally quadratic behavior when a large number of range tombstones is present in a partition has been fixed. #11211
  • Stability: Row cache will miss a row if the upper bound of the population range is evicted and has an adjacent dummy row #11239
  • Stability: replica: evict all inactive reads for a table when dropping it #11264

19 Sep 2022