ScyllaDB Open Source Release 3.0.5

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of ScyllaDB Open Source 3.0.5, a bugfix release of the ScyllaDB Open Source 3.0 stable branch. ScyllaDB Open Source 3.0.5, like all past and future 3.x.y releases, is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

The major fix in this release is for a regression introduced in ScyllaDB 3.0.4, causing higher latency in the ScyllaDB write path, for users with Hinted Handoff enabled. #4351, #4352, #4354

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Other issues solved in this release:

  • Materialized Views: when a node is down, MV update generates redundant timeouts #3826, #3966, #4028
  • Migrating Apache Cassandra SSTables files to ScyllaDB will fail in a case if the file is in MC format, for tables with compact storage and no clustering columns #4139
  • Rolling downgrade after a full upgrade may fail because new nodes will keep using the new features after a restart #4289
  • Restarting the cluster with some nodes still down causes less efficient streaming/repair and schema disagreement. #4225, #4341
  • Potential access to invalid memory when opening mutation fragment stream #4350
  • row_cache: potential abort when populating cache concurrently with MemTable flush #4236
  • On some HW types, scylla_prepare fails with a redundant error “Failed to write to /proc/irq/412/smp_affinity#4057
  • Running scylla_setup on CentOS 7, resulted with ScyllaDB setup failed for `ImportError: No module named 'yaml'`. The root cause is a change in EPEL broke a scylla_setup Python Script #4379
  • In very rare cases, a schema update might cause a segmentation fault #4410
  • possible crash when RPC logs an error during compressed frame reads #4400
  • RPC can run out of local ports in large clusters with large nodes #4401
  • doesn’t properly ban IRQs from irqbalance on Ubuntu 18 #4402
  • Name resolution (e.g. for seeds) can fail if the DNS server uses TCP instead of UDP #4404
  • Serialization decimal and variant data types to JSON can cause an exception on the client side (e.g. CQLSh) #4348