ScyllaDB Open Source 3.0.8

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of ScyllaDB Open Source 3.0.8, a bugfix release of the ScyllaDB 3.0 stable branch. ScyllaDB Open Source 3.0.8, like all past and future 3.x.y releases, is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

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Issues solved in this release:

  • NodeJS driver: For some drivers, for example, NodeJS, paging indexes can end up in an infinite loop of returning pages with 0 results but has_more_pages flag set to true #4569
  • Secondary Index: Filtering may ignore clustering key restrictions if they form a prefix without a partition key #4541
  • Materialized View: In rare cases, when a node dies, and another node has MV updates to send him, the sending node is notified of other node death just after sending request started. The sending nodes than need to cancel an ongoing request which might cause ScyllaDB to exit #4386
  • Secondary Index: A partition key index may cause a regular query to fail with “No such index” #4539
    Compaction of mc format SSTable handles empty key maps wrongly #4533
  • ScyllaDB try to stop view builder even if it is disabled, resulting in a core dump #4589

02 Jul 2019