ScyllaDB Open Source 3.0.11

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of ScyllaDB Open Source 3.0.11, a bugfix release of the ScyllaDB 3.0 stable branch. ScyllaDB Open Source 3.0.11, like all past and future 3.x.y releases, is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

Please note the latest stable ScyllaDB release is ScyllaDB 3.1.2, and it is highly recommended to upgrade. Once ScyllaDB 3.2 will be released, support for ScyllaDB 3.0.x will be dropped.

ScyllaDB 3.0.11 is not available for Ubuntu 14. A problem in the build process stops us from build images ScyllaDB 3.0.11 images for it. Until this is solved, please consider upgrading ScyllaDB server to Ubuntu 16.

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Issues solved in this release:

  • CQL: One second before expiration, TTLed columns return as null values #4263, #5290
  • CQL: using queries with paging, ALLOW FILTERING and aggregation functions return intermediate aggregated results, not the full one #4540
  • CQL: wrong key type used when creating non-frozen map virtual column #5165
  • Performance: Wrong priority for View streaming slow down user requests #4615
  • Stability: Under heavy read load, the read execution stage queue size can grow without bounds #4749
  • Oversized allocation warning in reconcilable_result, for example, when paging is disabled #4780
  • Stability: a rare race condition can cause a crash when updating schema during stress view updates #4856, #4766
  • Stability: a non-graceful handling of end-of-disk space state, may cause ScyllaDB to exit with a coredump #4877
  • Stability: Fix a bug that can cause streaming to a new node to fail with “Cannot assign requested address” error #4943
  • Stability: Adding a DC with MV might fail with assertion _closing_state == state::closed #4948
  • Stability: script fails to start with “name 'logging' is not defined” error #4958 #4922
  • Stability: Non-graceful error report in io_tune #5001
  • Stability: running manual operations like nodetool compact will crash if the controller is disabled #5016
  • Stability: Fix of handling of schema alterations and evictions in the cache, which may result in a node crash #5127 #5128 #5134 #5135
  • Stability: long-running cluster sees bad gossip generation when a node restarts #5164 (similar to CASSANDRA-10969)
  • Stability: core dump on OOM during cache update after memtable flush, with !_snapshot->is_locked()' failed error message #5327
  • Stability: repair: assert failure when a local node fails to produce checksum #5238
  • Stability: Fix a bug in reader cache accounting leading to core dumps #5123
  • Stability: A race condition in node boot can fail the init process #4709
  • Stability: Can not replace a node which is failed in the middle of the boot-up process (same root cause as #4709 above) #4723
  • Hinted handoff:
    • Fix races that may lead to use-after-free events and file system level exceptions during shutdown and drain #4685 #4836
    • Commit log error “Checksum error in segment chunk at#4231
  • UX: scylla_setup script: NIC selection prompt causes error when Enter is pressed key without a NIC name #4517

03 Dec 2019