ScyllaDB Enterprise 2021.1.3

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Enterprise 2021.1.3, a bug-fix production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise patch release for ScyllaDB Enterprise 2021.1. ScyllaDB Enterprise customers are encouraged to upgrade to ScyllaDB Enterprise 2021.1.3 in coordination with the ScyllaDB support team.

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List of stability improvements and bug fixes below, each with open source reference is available

  • Stability: When scylla-server was stopped manually, a few minutes later, the scylla-fstrim service started it again #8921
  • Stability: Some of appending_hash<> instantiations have throwing operator() #8983
  • Stability: Reshape may ignore overlapping in level L where L > 0 #8531
  • Stability: use-after-move when handling view update failures #8830
  • Performance: Significant write amplification when reshaping level 0 in a LCS table #8345
  • Nodetool cleanup failed because of “DC or rack not found in snitch properties#7930
  • Uninstall: removing /etc/systemd/system/*.mount on package uninstall can delete setting (like coredump setting) during upgrade #8810

19 Jul 2021