ScyllaDB offers ScyllaDB Enterprise (a software product based on the Scylla open source project). ScyllaDB Enterprise subscriptions include a ScyllaDB Enterprise license, tested and certified binaries, software updates, hot fixes, technical support, and best practices. ScyllaDB enterprise support guarantees that you will have access to the engineers who developed ScyllaDB.

Enterprise Support (Production 7×24, 7 days a week)

  • 1 Hour Response Time for Critical Issues
  • 4 Hour Response Time for level 2 Issues
  • 1 Business Day Response time for level 3 Issues
  • 1 Support Contact per 500 Cores
  • Web Support
  • Phone Support
  • Emergency hot fixes for critical issues
Feature ScyllaDB Enterprise Scylla Open Source
Apache Cassandra compatibility
Long-term release support
Hot fixes for critical issues
License ScyllaDB Proprietary License Affero GPL v. 3.0

Professional Services

ScyllaDB offers professional services to assist you in your business goals. Our highly trained staff can help scope your ScyllaDB project and provide software and hardware recommendations that will limit the time you spend on setup thereby enabling you to focus more time on planning your application architecture, data modeling, etc. If needed, we can assist you during your proof of concept and provide recommendations on migration, data modeling, application development, and other aspects of your project.

Evaluation support

Please mail if you would like to set up an evaluation. We can help you plan an evaluation and provide you with an evaluation support contact.

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