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Scylla Enterprise

Scylla Enterprise a software product based on the Scylla open source project. ScyllaDB Enterprise subscriptions include a ScyllaDB Enterprise license, tested and certified binaries, software updates, hot fixes, technical support, and best practices. Scylla Enterprise support guarantees that you will have access to the engineers who developed ScyllaDB.


What’s Inside?

Production ScyllaDB release

Scylla Enterprise builds on field-proven open source ScyllaDB. The ScyllaDB Enterprise release includes quality assurance testing, scale, and performance testing, supported OS validation, backporting of bug fixes, long-term support, formal end-of-life policies, and security checks.

Enterprise only features

Scylla Enterprise roadmap includes exclusive Enterprise features, like Scylla Admin server, additional security features, Cassandra to Scylla migration tools, and more.

24/7 Mission Critical Support

ScyllaDB delivers expert support and services for your Scylla systems production and staging, ensuring your critical systems are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With ScyllaDB support, you will have direct access to the Scylla development team – the same team who builds and develops the Scylla code base.

Bug Escalation

ScyllaDB team prioritizes customer issues discovered in Scylla project compared to other bugs.

Hot Fixes

ScyllaDB Enterprise clients who experience critical issues can receive when required, a temporary customized patched version of ScyllaDB Enterprise to deploy back to production. A long-term fix for the issue will be rolled out as part of a formal release as soon as possible.

Long Term Support

While Scylla open source releases are only supported and maintained for the two last minor releases (about 2-3 months), Scylla Enterprise customers will receive full long-term support and required upgrades for older releases.

Commercial License

Scylla Enterprise comes with a Proprietary License, compare to Scylla Open Source project Affero GPL v. 3.0 (AGPL) license.

Customer Success Program

Additionally, we offer Scylla Professional Services, including:

  • Guidance on deploying and running Scylla on production
  • Help in sizing and deployment plans
  • Suggestions on choosing the best hardware and operating system combination for your needs
  • Assistance in data modeling and query planning
  • On-Demand Training (learn more about ScyllaDB training)

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