ScyllaDB Operator 1.7.3

The ScyllaDB team is pleased to announce the release of ScyllaDB Operator 1.7.3.

ScyllaDB Operator 1.7.3 brings a bug fix for running multiple optimized instances of ScyllaDB. As with all of our releases, any API changes are backward compatible.

Bug Fixes

  • Stabilize tuning Job parameters and status of NodeConfig (#1002)

For more details check out the GitHub release notes. For more information about 1.7 release check out the 1.7.0 GitHub release notes.

Supported Versions

  • ScyllaDB Open Source ≥4.3, ScyllaDB Enterprise ≥2021.1
  • Kubernetes ≥1.20
  • Scylla manager ≥2.2
  • Scylla monitoring ≥3.0

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading from v1.6.x or v1.7.0 with `kubectl apply` doesn’t require any extra action, just take the manifest from v1.7.2 tag and substitute the released image. Using helm requires a mandatory manual step for every release because helm can’t handle CRDs updates. For details, see our upgrade documentation.

Getting started with Scylla Operator

  • Scylla Operator Documentation
  • Learn how to deploy ScyllaDB on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) here
  • Learn how to deploy ScyllaDB on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Engine (EKS) here
  • Learn how to deploy ScyllaDB on a Kubernetes Cluster here (including MiniKube example)

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We’ll welcome your feedback! Feel free to open an issue or reach out on the #kubernetes channel in ScyllaDB User Slack.

01 Aug 2022