ScyllaDB Operator 1.7.2

The ScyllaDB team is pleased to announce the release of ScyllaDB Operator 1.7.2.

ScyllaDB Operator is an open-source project that helps ScyllaDB Open Source and ScyllaDB Enterprise users run ScyllaDB on Kubernetes. The ScyllaDB Operator manages ScyllaDB clusters deployed to Kubernetes and automates tasks related to operating a Scylla cluster, like installation, scale out and downscale, as well as rolling upgrades.

ScyllaDB Operator 1.7.2 brings several bug fixes. As with all of our releases, any API changes are backward compatible.

Bug Fixes

  • In 1.7.0 Operator started managing ServiceAccount used by ScyllaCluster sidecar. Unfortunately during the adoption of ServiceAccounts created by the users, all custom annotations were ignored and not rewritten to the final object. Users are now able to set their custom annotation on managed ServiceAccount (#935, #939)

For more details check out the GitHub release notes. For more information about 1.7 release check out the 1.7.0 GitHub release notes.

Supported Versions

  • ScyllaDB Open Source ≥4.3, ScyllaDB Enterprise ≥2021.1
  • Kubernetes ≥1.20
  • Scylla manager ≥2.2
  • Scylla monitoring ≥3.0

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading from v1.6.x or v1.7.0 with `kubectl apply` doesn’t require any extra action, just take the manifest from v1.7.2 tag and substitute the released image. Using helm requires a mandatory manual step for every release because helm can’t handle CRDs updates. For details, see our upgrade documentation.

Getting started with Scylla Operator

  • Scylla Operator Documentation
  • Learn how to deploy ScyllaDB on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) here
  • Learn how to deploy ScyllaDB on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Engine (EKS) here
  • Learn how to deploy ScyllaDB on a Kubernetes Cluster here (including MiniKube example)

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We’ll welcome your feedback! Feel free to open an issue or reach out on the #kubernetes channel in ScyllaDB User Slack.

10 Feb 2022