ScyllaDB Open Source 4.1.4

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Open Source 4.1.4, a bugfix release of the ScyllaDB 4.1 stable branch.

ScyllaDB Open Source 4.1.4, like all past and future 4.x.y releases, is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

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Issues fixed in this release:

  • CQL: min()/max() return wrong results on some collections and User Defined Types (UDTs), naively comparing just the byte representations of arguments. #6768
  • CQL: Impossible to set list element to null using scylla_timeuuid_index (used in sstableloader) #6828
  • Stability: when using Thrift, ScyllaDB may crash on unsorted column names in SlicePredicate #6486
  • Stability: Alternator use after return in get_key_from_roles #6897
  • Stability: Alternator conditional write error on ComparisonOperator NULL #6816
  • Stability: Commitlog replay segfaults when mutations use old schema and memtable space is full #6953
  • Stability: a race condition when a node fails while it is both streaming data (as part as repair) and is decommissioned. #6868 #6853
  • Stability: index reader fails to handle failure properly, which may lead to unexpected exit #6924
  • Setup: scylla_raid_setup cause traceback on CentOS7 #6954
  • Setup: Using Systemd slices on CentOS7, with percentage-based parameters does not work and generate warnings and error messages during instance (ami) load #6783
  • Setup: scylla_setup on Ubuntu 16 / GCE fails #6636
  • Build: Sporadic failures building .deb related to fakeroot #6655

11 Aug 2020