Scylla Open Source 4.0.7

The ScyllaDB team announces Scylla Open Source 4.0.7, a bugfix release of the Scylla 4.0 stable branch. Scylla Open Source 4.0.7, like all past and future 4.x.y releases, is backward compatible and supports rolling upgrades.

Note that the latest Scylla stable branch is Scylla 4.1, and it is highly recommended to upgrade to it.

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Issues fixed in this release

  • Stability: I/O error, like disk out of space trigger an assert: _closing_state == state::closed #5657
  • CDC: failed to restore cdc log table from snapshot for postimage enabled only with refresh operation #6561
  • Alternator: HTTP requests that include the “Expect: 100-continue” HTTP request header are not handled correctly #6844
  • Stability: reactor stalled when repair is aborted #6190
  • Alternator: Crash with assertion failure when dropping a table with auto_snapshot = false #6995
  • Seastar: boost/mutation_reader_test failure due to over-aligned (std::align_val_t) dynamic allocation #6831
  • Stability: Node stuck on shutdown #5985
  • Stability: hinted handoff: memory leak caused by improper commitlog usage from hints manager #6776 #6409
  • Stability: when using Thrift, Scylla may crash on unsorted column names in SlicePredicate #6486

21 Aug 2020