ScyllaDB Enterprise 2020.1.8

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Enterprise 2020.1.8, a bug-fix production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise patch release for ScyllaDB Enterprise 2020.1. As always, ScyllaDB Enterprise customers are encouraged to upgrade to ScyllaDB Enterprise 2020.1.8 in coordination with the ScyllaDB support team.

Updates in this release:

  • Install: scylla_setup now identify and allow creating a swap. ScyllaDB Enterprise 2020.1.8 AMI has swap enabled by default. (open source issues #6539, #6659, #6650)

List of stability improvements and bug fixes below.

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Fixed issues in this release are listed below, with open source references, if present:

  • Stability: Repairing a table with TWCS potentially cause high number of parallel compaction #8124
  • Stability: Streaming SSTables are not being accounted by the backlog controller #6441
  • Stability: a possible race condition in MV/SI schema creation and load may cause inconsistency between base table and view table #7709
  • Stability: Large sstables with many small partitions often require large bloom filters. The allocation for the bloom filters has been changed to allocate the memory in steps, reducing the chance of a reactor stall. #6974
  • Stability: unbounded memory usage when consuming a large run of partition tombstones
  • Stability: Materialized views: fix possibly old views coming from other nodes #8509
  • Stability a regression introduced in 2020.1.2 (fixing #6662) cause 2x space requirement in cleanup compaction which, if not satisfied, kill the service.
  • Stability: Compaction Backlog controller will misbehave for time series use cases #6054
  • Stability: Materialized view updates use incorrect schema to interpret writes after base table schema is altered #7061
  • Stability: view info: preserve integrity by allowing base info for reads only and by initializing base info #7469
  • Compaction options typo in schema.cql of snapshot #7741
  • Stability: missing dead row marker for KA/LA file format #8324. Note that the KA/LA SSTable formats are legacy formats that are not used in latest ScyllaDB versions.
  • UX: unnecessary warning warnings for small batches #8416
  • Stability: materialized views: nodes may pull old schemas from other nodes #8554
  • Stability: reader_concurrency_semaphore: inactive reads can block shutdown #8561
  • Stability: secondary index updates failing after upgrade to 4.2.0 due to missing system_schema.computed_columns. The problem is limited to secondary indexes created before ScyllaDB 3.2, which had their idx_token column incorrectly not marked as computed #7515

11 May 2021