ScyllaDB Enterprise 2020.1.12

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Enterprise 2020.1.12, a bug-fix production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise patch release for ScyllaDB Enterprise 2020.1.

Note that the latest stable version of ScyllaDB Enterprise is 2021.1 and users are encouraged to upgrade to it.

As always, ScyllaDB Enterprise customers are encouraged to upgrade in coordination with the ScyllaDB support team.

List of stability improvements and bug fixes below.

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Fixed issues in this release are listed below, with open source references, if present:

  • Encryption at rest: wrong encryption parameters may cause node fails to boot with bad_alloc. Documentation was improved to better explain EaR setting.
  • Encryption at rest: Handle key lines without block/padding info when using local_file_provider
  • Encryption at rest: KMIP key creation needs to verify/set same defaults as actual (openssl) keys
  • Repair: gracefully abort the queue in a case of error. Issue may cause ScyllaDB to exit during repair.
  • Stability: using escaped curly braces in format strings cause logger error #8436
  • Stability: exception phased_barrier::advance_and_await is not handled #8636
  • Stability: repair does not consider memory bloat which may cause repair to use more memory and cause std::bad_alloc. #8641
  • Stability: evictable_reader: self validation triggers when a partition disappears after eviction #8893
  • Stability: evictable_reader: _drop_static_row can drop of the static row from an unintended partition #8923
  • Stability: heap-use-after-free in date_tiered_manifest::get_now #9138
  • Stability: Possible race condition between table stopping and compaction #9448
  • UX: large data warnings do not contains the SSTable name #9524

04 Nov 2021