ScyllaDB Enterprise 2019.1.3

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of ScyllaDB Enterprise 2019.1.3, which is a production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise patch release. As always, ScyllaDB Enterprise customers are encouraged to upgrade to ScyllaDB Enterprise 2019.1.3 in coordination with the ScyllaDB support team.

The focus of ScyllaDB Enterprise 2019.1.3 is improving stability and robustness, by fixing issues and improving security by enabling two new key providers for Encryption at Rest. More below.

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New Providers for ScyllaDB Enterprise Encryption at Rest

We introduced encryption at rest with ScyllaDB 2019.1.1. ScyllaDB Enterprise protects your sensitive data with data-at-rest encryption.

One of the key elements of encryption at rest is storing the encryption keys, and for obvious reasons: if lost, your data become unreadable; if compromised, your data might be exposed.

The encryption key storage options are determined in ScyllaDB by selecting a Key Provider.

ScyllaDB 2019.1.1 only supported with one Key Provider: Local, which allows you to keep keys the file system for each node.

ScyllaDB 2019.1.3 adds two more Key Providers:

  • Table provider, allows you to store table keys in ScyllaDB Tables and eliminates the need to copy the table key to each server.
  • KMIP provider. KMIP is a standard protocol for exchanging keys in a secure way. With this key provider, you can use any KMIP compatible server to secure ScyllaDB Encryption keys.

More on the new providers here

Fixed issues in this release are listed below, with open source references, if present:

  • Stability: Fix of handling of schema alterations and evictions in the cache, which may result in a node crash #5127 #5128 #5134 #5135
  • Stability: Fix a bug in cache accounting #5123
  • Stability: Fix a bug that can cause streaming to a new node to fail with “Cannot assign requested address” error #4943
  • Stability: A race condition in node boot can fail the init process #4709
  • Stability: Can not replace a node which is failed in the middle of the boot-up process (same root cause as #4709 above) #4723
  • Stability: script fails to start with “name ‘logging’ is not defined” error #4958 #4922
  • Stability: ScyllaDB may hang or even segfaults when querying system.size_estimates #4689
  • Performance: Range scans run in the wrong service level (workload prioritization) (internal #1052)
  • Performance: Wrong priority for View streaming slow down user requests #4615
  • Hinted handoff:
    • Fix races that may lead to use-after-free events and file system level exceptions during shutdown and drain #4685 #4836
    • Commit log error “Checksum error in segment chunk at” #4231
  • Docker: An issue in command-line options parsing prevents ScyllaDB Docker from starting, reporting “error: too many positional options have been specified on the command line” error #4141
  • In-Transit Encryption: Streaming in local DC fails if only inter-DC encryption is enabled #4953

02 December 2019