ScyllaDB Enterprise 2019.1.15

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of ScyllaDB Enterprise 2019.1.15, a production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise patch release. As always, ScyllaDB Enterprise customers are encouraged to upgrade to ScyllaDB Enterprise 2019.1.15 in coordination with the ScyllaDB support team. ScyllaDB Enterprise 2020.1 is also available, and customers are encouraged to upgrade to it.

ScyllaDB Enterprise 2019.1.15 fixes a number of reliability issues. More below.

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Issue fixed in 2019.1.15 with open source references where available:

  • Stability: Status of drained node after restart stayed as DN in the output of “nodetool status” on another node #7032
  • Stability: Seastar tasks can lose scheduling_group association when the system is overloaded #7184
  • Tools: Nodetool getendpoints can return wrongs nodes list #7134

21 Sep 2020