ScyllaDB Enterprise Release 2018.1.6

The ScyllaDB team announces the availability of ScyllaDB Enterprise 2018.1.6, a production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise maintenance release for the 2018.1 branch, the latest stable branch of ScyllaDB Enterprise.

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This maintenance release fixes a critical issue with nodetool cleanup:

nodetool cleanup is used after adding a node to a cluster, to clean partition ranges not owned by a node. The critical issue we found is that nodetool cleanup would wrongly erase up to 2 token ranges that were local to the node. This problem will persist if cleanup is executed on all replicas of this range. The root cause of the issue is #3872, an error in an internal function used by cleanup to identify which token ranges are owned by each node.

If you ran nodetool cleanup, and you have questions about this issue, please contact the ScyllaDB support team (for Enterprise customers, submit a ticket; for Open Source users, please let us know via GitHub).

Additional fixed issues in ScyllaDB Enterprise 2018.1.6 release, with open source references, if they exist:

  • CQL: Unable to count() a column with type UUID #3368, Enterprise #619
  • CQL: Missing a counter for reverse queries #3492
  • CQL: some CQL syntax errors can cause ScyllaDB to exit #3740#3764
  • Schema changes: race condition when dropping and creating a table with the same name #3797
  • Schema compatibility when downgrading to older ScyllaDB or Apache Cassandra #3546
  • nodetool cleanup may double the used disk space while running #3735
  • Redundant Seastar “Exceptional future ignored” warnings during system shutdown. Enterprise #633