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ReversingLabs: Serving File Reputation for Twenty Billion Files

At Scylla Summit 2019, ReversingLabs’ software architect Goran Cvijanovic explained how they integrated Scylla into their Titanium platform to provide file reputation. In his talk, he focused on long-tail latencies, and how he could also optimize Scylla’s compression to get the most out of his infrastructure’s storage.

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Extracting Scylla Cloud Metrics using Prometheus Format

Scylla Cloud, our fully managed NoSQL service with its DynamoDB and Cassandra APIs, supports extracting cluster metrics in Prometheus format. Prometheus is the open source monitoring solution from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

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Using the CDRS Rust Driver with Scylla

As part of the Using Scylla Drivers course in Scylla University, we recently published a new lesson, Rust and Scylla. The lesson uses CDRS, which is an open-source Scylla driver for Rust.

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iFood Relies on Scylla to Deliver Over 100 Million Events a Month to Restaurants

iFood’s Thales Biancala shared how his team used Scylla to scale their system to meet that expanding demand. He explained how each order represents around five events in their database, producing well over 100,000,000 events on a monthly basis.

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Troubleshooting Large Rows and Large Cells in Scylla

Large rows and large cells can lead to performance degradation, so we added system tables to detect and troubleshoot these in your Scylla database.

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Scylla Manager Releases 2.0.2 and 1.4.4

Scylla Manager Release Note

Scylla Manager is a management system that automates maintenance tasks on a Scylla cluster. Release 2.0.2 is a bug fix release of the Scylla Manager 2.0 branch. Release 1.4.4 is a bug fix release of the Scylla Manager 1.4 release.

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Scylla Enterprise Release 2019.1.7

Scylla Enterprise Release Notes

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of Scylla Enterprise 2019.1.7, a production-ready Scylla Enterprise patch release. The focus of Scylla Enterprise 2019.1.7 is improving stability and bug fixes.

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Observing data changes with Change Data Capture (CDC)

Change Data Capture (CDC) enables users to log all the mutations of data in a selected table(s). It does not capture changes on every table in the database but can be enabled on specific tables that a user is interested in observing.

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Scylla Open Source Release 3.2.4

Scylla Open Source Release Notes

The ScyllaDB team announces the release of Scylla Open Source 3.2.4, a bugfix release of the Scylla 3.2 stable branch. Please note the latest stable release of Scylla is 3.3 and it is recommended to upgrade to it.

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Avi Kivity at Core C++ 2019

A look back at last year’s Core C++ event hosted at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo, where our CTO Avi Kivity presented. As an added bonus, we’d like to share the presentations of community contributors who attended Seastar Summit 2019.

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