Make ScyllaDB Fast Again! Find out how using Tools, Talent, and Tracing

Avi Kivity, CTO & Co-Founder, ScyllaDB

29:09December 18, 2018

ScyllaDB strives to deliver high throughput at low, consistent latencies under any scenario. But in the field things can and do get slower than one would like. Some of those issues come from bad data modelling and anti-patterns. Some others from lack of resources and bad system configuration, and in rare cases even product malfunction. But how to tell them apart? And once you do, how to understand how to fix your application or reconfigure your system? ScyllaDB has a rich ecosystem of tools available to answer those questions and in this talk we’ll discuss the proper use of some of them and how to take advantage of each tool’s strength. We will discuss real examples using tools like CQL tracing, nodetool commands, the ScyllaDB monitor and others.

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