An Odyssey to ScyllaDB and Apache Kafka

Will LaForest36 minutesFebruary 9, 2022

At Confluent we focus on helping our customers move to an event driven data in motion architecture. This is not something achieved in a vacuum but highly interwoven with an ecosystem of data technologies that fit the problems our customers are solving. The variety of data technologies in active use today are astonishing to those of us who grew up in the RDBMS hammer days. Helping our customers make this transition means touching and working with all of these. In my own database odyssey, ScyllaDB has shown itself to be particularly well suited for the modern event driven architecture. In this presentation, I will cover why ScyllaDB is a good fit for people using Apache Kafka in event driven architectures, review customer examples, and discuss my usage of ScyllaDB in a high velocity data sharing effort.

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