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ScyllaDB Internal Developer Summit

Earlier this month, we gathered all our developers from around the world in Herzliya, Israel, beside the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. We spent an entire week sharing our latest work with our peers, learning from each other in intensive sessions, and bonding together by forming into teams for a series of fun activities. The days were intensive but very interesting and meaningful to all.

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See Us at Distributed Data Summit 2018

Distributed Data Summit

ScyllaDB is a diamond sponsor at the upcoming Distributed Data Summit in San Francisco on September 14th. Come see us!

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Top 10 Highlights: ScyllaDB 2017


2017 was an exceptional year at ScyllaDB. We were successful in all the areas that really matter—our product, our staff and, most importantly, our user community. And while there’s still much work to do, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on a few of our bigger accomplishments from the year.

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Snapfish’s Journey Towards Scylla


Snapfish is an industry leader in photo retail with over 100 million members storing over 100PB of data. On a peak shopping day, Snapfish processes 100,000 reads and 7,000 writes per minute. Based on their workload, they need a database that accommodates their high volume but were increasingly finding that their database system was not meeting their performance and scaling needs. They began a search for alternatives and evaluated Scylla as a possible solution.

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How to Build the Fastest RPC

The Scylla Summit includes many technical sessions that aren’t about Scylla at all. Alex Gallego, a principal engineer in Akamai’s Platform Group, gave one such talk, SMF: The Fastest RPC in the West. First, a bit of background on Alex. He was the founder and CTO behind the distributed stream processing engine. Much in the same way that Scylla addressed the Java-based performance issues in Cassandra, chose to build in C++ to deliver a stream processor with better predictability, performance, isolation, multi-tenancy, supervision, and failure recovery. As Alex explains it, “During my time at, we saw that […]

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Highlights from Scylla Summit Day Two

ScyllaDB is all about performance, so it’s no surprise that this was the theme of day two at our Scylla Summit.

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Highlights from Scylla Summit Day One

Scylla Summit in session

We had a great first day at Scylla Summit 2017, with highly technical talks by presenters from around the globe, lots of valuable networking, and some time for fun. We kicked things off with our CEO and co-founder Dor Laor and our chairman Benny Schnaider sharing their vision for Scylla. This was also our opportunity to announce Scylla 2.0. Our latest release is a big step toward the first autonomous NoSQL database—one that dynamically tunes itself to varying conditions while always maintaining a high level of performance. We had great customer talks, too. Nayden Kolev of mParticle stepped us through […]

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Learn About GoCQLX, How to Use It, and Common Use Cases at Scylla Summit 2017

Scylla Summit 2017

Programming libraries empower developers to enhance their applications with additional features such as providing connectivity to databases. Not every library is the same but if it is open source, the community can enhance or build new tools with it that can potentially benefit everyone. That’s just what Michal Matczuk of ScyllaDB did with GoCQLX and he will be doing a talk about it at Scylla Summit 2017. Let’s begin the interview to learn more about Michal and his upcoming talk on GoCQLX.

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Intel Discusses the Advantages of Optane SSDs at Scylla Summit 2017

Frank Ober of Intel joined me for a quick interview on what he will be presenting at Scylla Summit 2017. Frank, like many other speakers attending the Summit, is an expert in his field and will present their experiences and knowledge of the industry. Let’s begin the interview and learn more about what Frank will be presenting at the Summit.

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Why, how, and when to use Secondary Indexing at Scylla Summit 2017

Scylla Summit 2017

An index in a database provides an easier and faster way to access data by using attributes.  The end-user experience will result in faster matching and queries. In Scylla, there are different indexes that you can choose from and I was able to sit with Pekka Enberg of ScyllaDB to learn more about them from his upcoming talk at  Scylla Summit 2017. Let’s begin the interview and learn more about Pekka and the latest news on indexing for Scylla.

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