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7 Rules for Planning Your Queries for Maximum Performance

At ScyllaDB, our development team is all about performance with improved latency and throughput. Our speakers at our recent Scylla Summit provided many tips and tricks to make Scylla’s superior latency and performance even better. ScyllaDB’s VP of R&D, Schlomi Livne, added to the growing repertoire of these tips with his talk Planning your queries for maximum performance. In it, he outlined some of the how and why of Scylla performance, and concluded with seven rules to optimize your queries.

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New Docs: 4 Phases to Migrate from Apache Cassandra to Scylla

Apache Cassandra may have served you well. But alas, nothing is ever perfect, so you’re looking to migrate. Typically sub-millisecond consistency, performance of various operations, compaction, as well as read/write latency (especially under heavy loads) can be less than optimal.

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CERN discusses the ALICE Environment at Scylla Summit 2017

  I was pleased to sit down with Miguel Pedreira of CERN to learn more about his upcoming talk, ‘A Future-Proof Global File Catalogue for the ALICE Experiment’ at Scylla Summit 2017. At Scylla Summit 2017, participants will join NoSQL developers and users from startups and the enterprise for two days of sharing ideas, hearing innovating use cases, and getting real-life tips and tricks from their peers and NoSQL idols. Let’s begin the interview and learn more about what Miguel will be presenting at the Summit.

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2017 Q3 Apache Cassandra User Survey

To get a better picture of how Apache Cassandra is used, we surveyed 70 expert Apache Cassandra users who actively use Apache Cassandra for in-production workloads. Their workloads represent more than 200 clusters running 600TB of combined data on Apache Cassandra.

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Gocqlx: A Productivity Toolkit for Scylla in Go

Gocqlx is an extension to the Go Scylla / Apache Cassandra driver Gocql. It aims to boost developer productivity while not sacrificing query performance. It’s inspired by Sqlx, a tool for working with SQL databases, but it goes beyond what Sqlx provides. For this blog post, we will pretend we’re a microblogging service and use the following schema: Gocql is a very popular Cassandra driver for the Go programming language. Usually working with it looks more or less like this (source: Gocql README): At first glance, it looks ok but there are some problems: Gocql does not provide you with […]

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Scylla Summit 2017: Calling All Speakers!

Do you have a great NoSQL story to share? Scylla Summit 2017 is coming to San Francisco on October 24-25, and the Call for Speakers is now open. The program will cover the NoSQL ecosystem, customer success stories, product demonstrations, training sessions, integrations with enterprise applications, the latest news about Scylla, and much more. Everyone has a story on their journey to find the best database solution for their business needs. What is YOUR story? Are you a developer, engineer, designer, or product manager leveraging NoSQL technologies in your organization’s next product or service? Or are you an executive, entrepreneur, […]

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ScyllaDB on LXC/LXD containers, with ZFS

This post first appeared in Brandon’s Blog. Brandon Lamb is Application Developer Lead on a team at Starbucks, primarily focused on Inventory Management System and Master Location Data. As part of a new side-project, I’ve been setting up some colocated servers instead of paying more for cloud. As part of this effort I need a database and thought it was time to explore a NoSQL option for it’s scalability, reliability and hopefully ease of replication, etc. In parallel, the same effort is happening for work so great timing. Cassandra has been on our list as the database selection, but I […]

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