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Testing part 4: Distributed tests

This is the fourth part in our blog series on Scylla testing. Part 1 covers Apache Cassandra compatibility testing, Part 2 covers Jepsen tests, and Part 3 covers the CharybdeFS fault-injecting filesystem.

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Why I love and hate Ansible

Full disclosure: I’m a casual user of Ansible, Python and Bash. I’m not an expert on any of them. The notes below are my personal impression after playing around with Ansible for a few months, mostly to run Scylla and Cassandra clusters on EC2.

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CharybdeFS: a new fault-injecting filesystem for software testing

This is the third part in our blog series on Scylla testing. Part 1 covers Apache Cassandra compatibility testing, and Part 2 covers Jepsen tests.

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Scylla testing part 2: Extending Jepsen for testing Scylla

Distributed systems are hard to test, which means that creating a solid set of tests for a distributed database is a substantial software project in itself. Software developer Kyle Kingsbury has invented a full-featured tool for testing distributed systems, called Jepsen. (It’s named after Carly Rae Jepsen.) Jepsen is a flexible tool that can be set up to test a variety of distributed systems, including Apache Cassandra. Jepsen and Cassandra have both made a lot of progress since the original set of tests. Joel Knighton, a developer working at DataStax, has updated and enhanced the Jepsen tests for Cassandra and […]

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Qualifying Filesystems for Seastar and ScyllaDB

Welcome to the asynchronous world

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Scylla testing part 1: Apache Cassandra compatibility testing

This series of blog posts will cover how we test Scylla—first of all for stability and correctness, and also to ensure that Scylla keeps Apache Cassandra compatibility constantly as the project proceeds. Software testing is critical, and especially so for a project that needs to achieve compatibility with some previously existing software. This blog series will cover the tests that we put Scylla through.

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Monitoring Scylla with collectd, riemann-dash, and Tessera

You can visualize Scylla performance with Tessera and riemann-dash, thanks to collectd support. Scylla can be configured to send data using the collectd protocol, once per second, which makes it easy to keep an eye on the performance of a whole cluster.

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