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Posts by Michal Matczuk


Working from Home: An Honest Look at the Remote Work Lifestyle

When offices close due to COVID-19 pandemic, many more of us will work from home, perhaps for the first time. While the benefits they highlight are true it looks to me like an advertisement for remote work, completely disregarding costs and the downsides of it.

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Scylla Manager 1.4 Release Announcement

Scylla Manager Release Note

The Scylla Enterprise team is pleased to announce the release of Scylla Manager 1.4, a production-ready release of Scylla Manager for Scylla Enterprise and Open-Source customers.

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Scylla Manager Now Available for Scylla Open Source Users

Scylla Manager Block Diagram

Today we announce the release of Scylla Manager 1.3.1, a management system that automates maintenance tasks on a Scylla cluster. This release provides support for encrypted CQL communication with Scylla nodes and improves SSH stability. We are also shipping an official, publicly available, Scylla Manager Docker image. Most importantly, while past versions of Scylla Manager supported only Scylla Enterprise clusters, Scylla Manager 1.3.1 now also supports management of Scylla Open Source clusters of up to 5 nodes. Scylla Manager joins a growing list of Scylla management and monitoring software, including the open source Scylla Monitoring Stack, which provides cluster metrics […]

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Simplify Repairing your Scylla Cluster with Scylla Manager


We are happy to announce the first release of our new product, Scylla Manager, a management system that automates maintenance tasks on a Scylla cluster. In this release, we now provide a managed repair feature that will automatically run repairs on a cluster.

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Gocqlx: A Productivity Toolkit for Scylla in Go

Gocqlx is an extension to the Go Scylla / Apache Cassandra driver Gocql. It aims to boost developer productivity while not sacrificing query performance. It’s inspired by Sqlx, a tool for working with SQL databases, but it goes beyond what Sqlx provides. For this blog post, we will pretend we’re a microblogging service and use the following schema: Gocql is a very popular Cassandra driver for the Go programming language. Usually working with it looks more or less like this (source: Gocql README): At first glance, it looks ok but there are some problems: Gocql does not provide you with […]

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